Theory on Malaysia Music industry

Music knows no boundaries, skeptical at first listening to that term. as i grew older and learn to love Kpop music i was a true believer. You may not understand the lyrics and song. but you could appreciate the feeling and the music behind it. At first when i watch this koreans singer i couldnt distinguish between one another but as i watch and watch and watch they are more easily identified and i now know almost every idol new or old ones.

Im trying to find ways how Malaysian artist could benefit from learning about the KPOP wave.
let's list some things that KPOP have done.

  1. They are good looking, easy on the eyes, melt every nuna and ajussi. Genetics plus surgery (malaysian cannot follow this of course)
  2. Superior music,  they seem to have endless amount of music generated every week as you can see from Music Bank. The competition is so intense that composer are pushed to make the perfect song every time.
  3. superior technology and budget, we can see through KBS Music Bank, they invest a lot on props like the display is different for every artist, they might be the best in preparing props and stage presence. A global production no doubt.
i try to find more and edit the post at a lter time.


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